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Hosted by Northeast Florida FPA

2018 Symposium: Times Are Changing

Whether you are a veteran or a new attendee, you'll benefit from the wide array of educational sessions at FPA of Northeast Florida's Annual Symposium for Financial Planning Professionals. Enjoy an ideal mix of learning, engaging with peers, and networking. Gain new insights and take back ideas you can put into practice right away.

Educational opportunities. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn. Today's workplace can often be isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, we can miss new ideas and trends that can impact future results. The educational aspect of our symposium can expose you to new ways of conducting your business and help you discover how to be more productive.

Networking with peers. This annual symposium provide a great opportunity to network. Avoiding peers for fear of others discovering your competitive advantage can actually limit your own success. Collaboration is the way to approach networking. While there are those whose intentions can be suspect, most people can help each other uncover ideas and spark inspiration when they get to know each other on a personal level.

Resource Partners - Our Resource Partners will be back with solutions to help you grow your practice. Spend time in our exhibit space and find possible solutions. Looking for informal guidance on challenges you're facing? Tap into the knowledge and expertise of our resource partners and senior-level peers.

This is a great forum to exchange ideas, and speak with colleagues that may offer a new and different perspective.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


University of North Florida
Herbert University Center
12000 Alumni Dr
Jacksonville   FL   32224
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Oct 18 2018 8:00AM

Check-in and Networking Breakfast

Arrive early enough to pick-up your registration package, have a cup of java, a little something to eat and enjoy this opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Remember to be prepared to show you photo ID when registering.

Kevin Brandenburg
Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC

Oct 18 2018 8:30AM

Session 1: Business Metrics

Advisors can no longer provide value alone, technology has become a key part of the relationship model for many clients. Machines and human interaction together have become the perfect combination to help advisors engage with more clients and differentiate their value. Advisors who anticipate their clients’ needs and can proactively support them with relevant value-added solutions will be at a competitive advantage.

In this session we'll learn how big data analytics capabilities can help advisors improve processes and business performance through actionable insights.

Learning Objective(s)
Attendees will learn about innovative ways in which they can provide investment planning, income tax planning, and retirement planning to their clients.

Oct 18 2018 9:30AM

Morning Networking Break with Chapter Partners & Colleagues

Take this opportunity to have a great conversation with our our chapter resource partners. Remember the next session begins promptly at 9:50 AM.

Wayne Townsend
Chief Operations Officer
Platinum Advisor Strategies

Oct 18 2018 9:50AM

Session 2: Focus on Relationship Building

Many financial advisors are accustomed to working solely with Traditionalist or Baby Boomer clientele. The upcoming shift in wealth transfer and in the workplace will require an upgraded skill set that allows financial advisors to successfully work with Generation X and with Millennial clients, who have very different perspectives and approaches than what the financial advising industry may be used to. This session focuses on the importance of building solid relationships with their current and prospective clients, increasing the financial professional’s readiness and results in effectively marketing to, working with and serving the multi-generational client base. This presentation will provide proven, repeatable processes that every advisor can implement in their firm today to transform their practice.

Learning Objective(s)
To enable financial advisors to tailor their approaches to the specific generation of client they are working with, including: relationship building, communication methods, professional interactions, and life stage-specific concerns.

William A. O'Leary, JD, LLM (Tax)
Legacy Planning Law Group

Oct 18 2018 10:55AM

Session 3-A Digital Asset Planning

Thanks to advances in technology, what was once a tangible item is now often times considered to be a digital asset. Digital assets are playing a more important part in estate planning and the estate settlement process.

As a planner, how can you ensure that your clients’ digital property is appropriately managed and dispersed upon incapacity or death?

This session will provide an overview of digital assets, the state of the law and current concerns related to digital asset management and estate planning.

Learning Objective(s)
This session will provide an overview of digital assets, the state of the law and current concerns related to digital asset management and estate planning. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of digital assets and one more service that will help you provide additional value to your clients and their families.

Darin J. Leone, CFA
Portfolio Strategist
Manning and Napier

Oct 18 2018 10:55AM

Session 3-B: How Much is Active Management Worth?

This unique market environment coupled with investor demands provides pockets of opportunity to provide a smoother ride to meet investor goals. Join us as we discuss and workshop how to analyze and rethink risk today.

Learning Objective(s)
1. Legal requirements vs. consumer demands of fee reasonableness 2. Risks of Indexing 3. Realities of investor risk tolerances and risk capacities 4. How to assess active managers

Oct 18 2018 12:00PM

Luncheon with Chapter Partners and Colleagues

Craig J. Koproski
First Trust

Oct 18 2018 12:40PM

Session 4: The Pendulum Swings

Conventional wisdom has been worried this year. Trade terrifs, geopolitical uncertainty. Tax cuts, deregulation. Gains in productivity and corporate earnings (U.S. corporations), tight labor market and increased wages. Are these signs that the pendulum is swinging?

Craig Koproski will will discuss broad macro themes impacting markets worldwide, such as monetary and fiscal policy, commodity price trends, and the global growth outlook. Implications for fixed income and equity markets will be presented, as well as strategic positioning recommendations.

Learning Objective(s)
Participants will get an overview for evaluating the prospects for both fixed income and equity markets as a whole, as well as insights into how to determine which regions, sectors or style categories to emphasize within the major asset classes.

Oct 18 2018 1:40PM

Business & Networking Break

Take the opportunity to network with your colleagues and visit with our chapter resource partners. Check in with your office for messages, but take the time to connect with your peers, too. Next session begins promptly at 2:00 PM

David Grau, Jr., MBA

Oct 18 2018 2:00PM

Session 5-A: Succession Plannng

You would never tell clients not to prepare for the future. But if you don’t have a succession plan, isn’t that what you’re telling yourself?

Buying or selling a financial services practice is a major event for any business. Done right, it can help your business grow exponentially, or help you realize the value of your life’s work.

This session will cover the most current buying and selling trends, recommended timelines and strategies for buying and selling successfully, valuation statistics for 2018, and the most up-to-date deal structuring strategies being used by owners today. Some key questions that will be addressed:

When should you start planning and what are your options? How to find practice to buy/partner with? How are deals currently being structured? What is working?
What are typical values being paid, and what drives or detracts from the value?
What are current exit planning trends?
If you are considering selling your business in the next five years, or are a serious buyer, the session will provide critical information you won’t want to miss.

Greg Menefee
Director of Institutional Consulting
TD Ameritrade

Oct 18 2018 2:00PM

Session 5-B: Elevating the Client Experience

As the financial services industry continues to change, the need to stand out becomes increasingly important. Branding, differentiation, and pricing are all important considerations, but in the end these things alone will not have a lasting effect on clients. It is the client experience where we have the opportunity to make an impression drives loyalty and referrals.

Adam M. Robinson, CPA
Hartman, Blitch and Gartside, CPAs

Oct 18 2018 3:05PM

Session 6: New Tax Law

The new 20% tax deduction for qualified business income (QBI) provides valuable tax savings for many pass-through business entities—except for those categorized as “service businesses” with income that exceeds certain threshold levels.

Service business owners who earn too much may miss out on the 20% QBI deduction entirely if they earn above the applicable thresholds.

This session focuses on the planning strategies that have have already emerged to allow these business owners to reap the benefits of the new deduction.

Oct 18 2018 4:05PM

Symposium Reception and Prize Drawing

Avoid Rush Hour and join us for a cocktail reception. Turn in your sponsor bingo cards for your chance to win prizes. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!


Continuing Education, per session, show accepted hours, or info about CE status. Hover over hours or info for details.

DateCourse Title/DescriptionStartCFP®PACERFC
Oct 18, 2018 Check-in and Networking Breakfast Registration 8:00 A
Session 1: Business Metrics Kevin Brandenburg 8:30 A
Morning Networking Break with Chapter Partners & Colleagues Networking Break 9:30 A
Session 2: Focus on Relationship Building Wayne Townsend 9:50 A 1.00 1.00 1.00
Session 3-A Digital Asset Planning William A. O'Leary, JD, LLM (Tax) 10:55 A 1.00 1.00 1.00
Session 3-B: How Much is Active Management Worth? Darin J. Leone, CFA 1.00 1.00 1.00
Luncheon with Chapter Partners and Colleagues Lunch 12:00 P
Session 4: The Pendulum Swings Craig J. Koproski 12:40 P 1.00
Business & Networking Break Networking Break 1:40 P
Session 5-A: Succession Plannng David Grau, Jr., MBA 2:00 P
Session 5-B: Elevating the Client Experience Greg Menefee 1.00
Session 6: New Tax Law Adam M. Robinson, CPA 3:05 P 1.00
Symposium Reception and Prize Drawing 4:05 P