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Hosted by Northeast Florida FPA

2017 Annual Symposium presented by UNF Coggin College of Business Financial Services Program

Build A BETTER Future... NOW!

Explore a resource center showcasing the latest in financial services, planning techniques, and practice management.

Our industry keeps getting better and better. There are tools and expertise available to answer any question you have about how to build a thriving practice.

Join the Financial Planning Association of Northeast Florida for our 2017 Annual Symposium, where we’ll have speakers that will cover industry topics such as recruiting, behavioral finance, portfolio construction, technology, practice management, and much more.

This year we’ve partnered with the University of North Florida’s Financial Services Program, so that our members and guests will learn how our local educators are preparing the next generation of financial planners, helping practitioners and business owners like us today.

It’s time to build a better future for you and your practice. We’ll show you how. In fact, hear from several current and former board members how FPA can help you in this endeavor by visiting our YouTube Channel.

RSVP now to reserve your spot and start building a better future….now!

Thursday, October 12, 2017
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


University of North Florida
Herbert University Center
12000 Alumni Dr
Jacksonville   FL   32224
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Oct 12 2017 8:00AM

Registration and Networking Breakfast

Arrive early enough to pick-up your registration package, have a cup of java, a little something to eat and enjoy this opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Remember to be prepared to show you photo ID when registering.

Alex C. Rock, CFP®, ChFC®
Regional Consultant

Oct 12 2017 8:40AM

Investing in Quality Companies in Today's Market

With the Dow reaching record highs this summer, the time is right to review where equities markets might be heading and how financial advisors can prepare. This program will be presented by ProShares as a one-hour session on dividend growth strategies. We’ll highlight why focusing on quality companies is important when growth and earnings slow down and market volatility emerges. We’ll also review the importance of dividends to long-term returns, and how consistent dividend growth can help advisors identify high-quality companies with a strong risk/return profile. And finally, we’ll discuss how consistent dividend growth has provided outperformance and lower volatility under a variety of market conditions. We will provide perspective on historical market recessions and recoveries since WWII. And we’ll look at Dividend Aristocrats—large-cap domestic companies in the S&P 500 that have grown their dividends for 25 consecutive years—and how they historically have performed compared with the broad equities market since 2005. The presentation will cover how financial advisors can identify the best dividend growers across all market-cap sectors, both domestic and international. Three popular dividend growth strategies will be illustrated, and we will review historical performance and volatility. The presentation will close by providing basic guidance on selecting dividend growth strategies for client goals, followed by a Q&A session.

Saul Mendoza, CIMA, CRPC
Vanguard Financial Advisor Services

Oct 12 2017 8:40AM

Putting Value on Your Value: Quantifying Benefits of Portfolio Construction, Wealth Management, and Behavioral Coaching Services

Using Vanguard's Advisor's Alpha research, this presentation focuses on helping financial planners quantify the ways to add value for clients through relationship-oriented services that can go beyond market out performance. While this has proven elusive for most investors, the study demonstrates how relationship-oriented value can add about 3% in net returns, depending on a client's circumstances, while also improving client retention. Learning Objective(s) 1) Review the more reliable benefits of your client relationships beyond outperformance, which has proved elusive for most investors. 2) Quantify the relationship-oriented wealth management services outlined in Vanguard's Advisor's Alpha concept. 3) Summarize the benefits to planners, including better alignment with client needs and improved client retention.

Oct 12 2017 9:35AM

Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners

Take the opportunity to network with your colleagues and visit with our chapter resource partners. Check in with your office for messages, but take the time to connect with your peers, too.

Toby Koerten, CFA
Senior Analyst

Oct 12 2017 9:50AM

Applications of Behavioral Finance

It’s one thing to recognize that clients sometimes make irrational decisions, and another to really understand what drives those decisions and how to help clients avoid the most damaging mistakes. In this session, advisors will learn what the behavioral finance research has shown about our not-always-rational decision-making process, and how to consider making adjustments to the delivery of their financial planning services to help clients achieve more desirable outcomes through better communication and enhanced trust. Learning Objective(s) • Understand the process of how the brain makes decisions and the limitations of rational thinking on decision making. • Be able to apply behavioral finance concepts to how clients are engaged and communicated to as part of the financial planning process. • Illustrate how to reshape planning recommendations so that they are better communicated to clients in order to better facilitate client implementation.

Oct 12 2017 10:50AM

Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners

Take this opportunity to have a great conversation with our our chapter resource partners. Remember the next session begins promptly at 11 AM.

William A. O'Leary, JD, LLM (Tax)
Legacy Planning Law Group

Oct 12 2017 11:00AM

How to Protect the Family Treasure from the Devastating Cost of Long-term Care When Long-term Care Insurance is Not Availalbe

Clients increasingly demand that asset protection be woven into the fabric of their estate plans. Estate and financial planners have shifted the focus from purely tax planning to the preservation and perpetuation of wealth. This program will be an interactive discussion about the fundamentals of estate planning relating to asset preservation strategies in the long-term care context.

Marshall C. Gallop
Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional - CRMP
Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC

Oct 12 2017 11:00AM

The New Case for Reverse Mortgages and their Four Common Uses

Leading retirement researchers have concluded that today's low-cost reverse mortgage can improve a client's retirement income efficiency, retirement sustainability and their legacy. Attendees will receive current information on the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, especially the lower costs and changes in eligibility criteria. Four common uses of reverse mortgages will be reviewed. Session attendees will be able to provide valuable advice to older clients on how a reverse mortgage may help: (1) educate older clients on the pros and cons of FHA-insured reverse mortgages, including recent reductions to initial costs; (2) present HECM solutions to clients tailored to their particular circumstances.

Oct 12 2017 11:55AM

Lunchoen with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners

John D. Gardner, CFA, CMT
Managing Member
Aptus Capital Advisors, LLC

Oct 12 2017 12:30PM

Model Portfolios: Using Adaptable Portfolios to Streamline Business and Navigate Today’s Market Environment

The majority of the presentation will revolve around how to best approach portfolio management in today’s market environment. Current equity market valuations are as high as they’ve been since 1999, and accordingly risks are higher, with lower return projections. In our opinion, equities are the best vehicle for long term wealth accumulation and despite the risks investors do need exposure to this asset class, but with further risk management than diversification alone. The use of adaptable model portfolios will be introduced as an efficient tool for advisors to streamline business operations, diversify allocations across different asset classes, and actively manage the risks inherent in today’s environment. Special focus will be given to the use of ETFs within models: keeping costs low and transparency into portfolio make-up high. Attendees will be introduced to different model allocations and given guidance on how best to combine broad market type exposure with more tactical allocations to provide investors with market type returns while at the same time protecting against near and long- term market volatility. Learning Objectives: Attendees will learn A) Current overview of market environment and assessment of risk/return projections; B) Why exposure to equities is needed, despite elevated risk levels; C) Use of Model Portfolios to provide proper asset allocation and risk management in a rules- based, systematic fashion; eliminating the need for advisor market timing decisions when deploying a certain strategy; D) A look at ETF mechanics and why they make sense in any portfolio; E) Strategies to mitigate market risk using models: combining broad market exposure with strategic allocations to hedge portfolios; F) Introduction to “tail hedging” and how it impacts a portfolio.

Oct 12 2017 1:30PM

Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners

S. Ross McGoodwin
Territory Manager
Jefferson National

Oct 12 2017 1:45PM

Addressing the Great Wealth Transfer

The greatest transfer of wealth in history is predicted to take place over the next 3-4 decades. Studies show that advisors need the right tools to adapt and retain assets as wealth is transferred from clients to their heirs. Traditional wealth transfer vehicles like trusts can be so heavily taxed that those hard-earned assets may accumulate slower, making it more difficult to build a lasting legacy. Please join us to learn how an IOVA can address the “Greater Wealth Transfer” to lower taxes for clients and retain next-gen assets for your practice.

Oliver Schnusenberg, PhD, CFP®
University of North Florida

Oct 12 2017 1:45PM

Talent Management

Many statistics indicate that the financial planning profession will likely face a severe shortage of qualified financial planners over the next decade. In addition, both minorities and females are grossly underrepresented within the industry. The next generation of financial planning professionals will most likely come from the university setting, and young professionals graduating from financial planning degree programs can more easily integrate into a financial planning practice. How do these young professionals shape the future financial planning practice? How do universities prepare students for real world challenges? What do professionals look for in young professionals in terms of contributions to their existing practice? Utilizing a panel consisting of professionals, students, and instructors, this session will explore what each party is doing and could do to create a better student “product” that satisfies the needs of both planners and clients in the future and that deals with the challenges present in today’s financial planning profession.

Oct 12 2017 2:40PM

Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners

Dale Beaman, MPH, PCC
Beaman Coaching & Company

Oct 12 2017 2:50PM

Difficult Conversations

Most everyone dreads the difficult, challenging conversation. This includes conversations in which we have to deliver unpleasant news, discuss a delicate subject, or talk about something that needs to change or has gone wrong. Just thinking about having these conversations can fill you with anxiety and trepidation, taking up space in your mind and distracting you from other important considerations that require your attention. Planning and preparation can help turn down the volume of your apprehension and make it much more likely that the difficult conversations you need to have will be successful. As legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden put it, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” In this energizing, interactive session, you will discover methods to help you begin and manage those difficult conversations.

Oct 12 2017 3:50PM

Closing Remarks


Continuing Education, per session, show accepted hours, or info about CE status. Hover over hours or info for details.

DateCourse Title/DescriptionStartCFP®PACERFC
Oct 12, 2017 Registration and Networking Breakfast Registration 8:00 A
Investing in Quality Companies in Today's Market Alex C. Rock, CFP®, ChFC® 8:40 A 1.00
Putting Value on Your Value: Quantifying Benefits of Portfolio Construction, Wealth Management, and Behavioral Coaching Services Saul Mendoza, CIMA, CRPC 1.00 1.00 1.00
Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners Networking Break 9:35 A
Applications of Behavioral Finance Toby Koerten, CFA 9:50 A 1.00 1.00 1.00
Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners Networking Break 10:50 A
How to Protect the Family Treasure from the Devastating Cost of Long-term Care When Long-term Care Insurance is Not Availalbe William A. O'Leary, JD, LLM (Tax) 11:00 A
The New Case for Reverse Mortgages and their Four Common Uses Marshall C. Gallop 1.00
Lunchoen with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners 11:55 A
Model Portfolios: Using Adaptable Portfolios to Streamline Business and Navigate Today’s Market Environment John D. Gardner, CFA, CMT 12:30 P 1.00 1.00 1.00
Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners Networking Break 1:30 P
Addressing the Great Wealth Transfer S. Ross McGoodwin 1:45 P 1.00
Talent Management Oliver Schnusenberg, PhD, CFP®
Networking Break with Colleagues and Chapter Resource Partners 2:40 P
Difficult Conversations Dale Beaman, MPH, PCC 2:50 P
Closing Remarks 3:50 P