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Hosted by Northeast Florida FPA

Outlook 2021

FPA of Northeast Florida will again be hosting a leading forum on major economic, geopolitical, and financial market matters. Key issues will be discussed, and our presenters will give their opinions and predictions for 2021.

In our first session with Kevin Carter of EMQQ Index, we will explore several powerful trends are coming for "The Great Confluence"; discuss what indicators are telling us; and conclude with possible recommendations for 2021.

In our second session with Josh Hirt of Vanguard, we review current economic and investment trends and their potential risks and implications for the economy, the markets, and your clients. This session also looks at risks to economic growth and at the labor market, monetary policy, and inflation.

This event is FREE for all current and aspiring financial planning professionals.

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Thursday, December 10, 2020
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM



Speaker Profiles


Kevin Carter
Founder and Chairman

Mr. Carter is the Founder of EMQQ the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (NYSE: EMQQ) and Chairman of the EMQQ Index Committee. Prior to EMQQ Mr. Carter was the Founder & CEO of AlphaShares, an investment firm offering five Emerging Markets ETFs in partnership with Guggenheim Investments. Previously Mr. Carter was the Founder & CEO of Active Index Advisors acquired by Natixis in 2005 and the Founder & CEO of eInvesting acquired by ETRADE in 2000.

Mr. Carter received a degree in Economics from the University of Arizona and began his career in 1992 with Robertson Stephens & Company.

Josh Hirt, CFA

Josh Hirt, CFA, is an economist in Vanguard Investment Strategy Group. He has coauthored research on topics including the global economy, capital markets, and portfolio construction. He helps develop Vanguard’s economic and market outlook with a focus on U.S. growth components. Previously, Mr. Hirt was an analyst in Vanguard Fixed Income Group with the Municipal Bond desk, responsible for analysis related to the municipal bond market and risk positioning for Vanguard’s national and state-specific municipal bond funds.

Mr. Hirt earned a B.A. from Liberty University and is a CFA® charterholder.


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DateCourse Title/DescriptionStartCFP®
Dec 10, 2020 Emerging Markets Kevin Carter With the internet becoming increasingly affordable and accessible, Billions of people in the developing world are now leapfrogging traditional consumption patterns and starting to consume online for the first time. This trend, combined with a global pandemic forcing a more digitized lifestyle, has resulted in a perfect storm that’s catalyzed and accelerated Ecommerce adoption and growth globally. In this webinar, EMQQ will explore the impacts of this digital consumer wave in emerging markets and the companies best positioned to benefit from these permanent shifts in consumer behavior. Learning Objectives In this session we will: 1) Learn what McKinsey & Company calls, “the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism”; 2) How the smartphone is capturing the growth of the Emerging Markets consumer sector; 3) How the largest Emerging Market ETF’s are fundamentally flawed; 4) Discuss the impact of recent U.S. legislation on delisting of U.S. listed Chinese companies. 3:00 P 1.00
Outlook for 2021 Josh Hirt, CFA The COVID-19 pandemic has produced the most pronounced economic shock in nearly a century. In 2020, recessions around the world were sharp and deep, with significant supply-chain disruptions at times. That said, perhaps more than in previous recessions, policymakers were aggressive in supporting financial markets and their economies. While the global economy continues to recover as we head into 2021, the battle between the virus and humanity's efforts to stanch it continues. This presentation will: 1) review current economic and investment trends; 2) potential risks and implications for the economy, the markets, and your clients; 3) Risks to economic growth and at the labor market, monetary policy, and inflation; 4) Health developments. 4:05 P 1.00

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