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Quarterly Meeting: Not Your Typical FPA Meeting

Not Your Typical FPA Meeting

You might be used to thinking of FPA’s quarterly meetings as 3-4 hours out of your life to get a couple of hours of continuing education (CE), say hello to a few people you know, and eat a meal. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with our past approach, association studies across the country suggest that with the proliferation of CE availability from so many sources – online, magazines, etc., gone are the days when a meeting needs to revolve around the CE.

What makes a chapter meeting valuable? Accomplishing YOUR professional goals!

  • Are you seeking a mentor? Are you looking for ways to be a mentor or find an intern?
  • Are you looking for insights for developing your business?
  • Are you looking for your next great hire? Are you seeking a new job?
  • Are you looking for referral partners to get or give referrals to, succession planning, or contingency planning partners?

Because at FPA, our OneFPA has it All

Our August meeting’s second hour is going to be dedicated to an Open Forum for these goals, where you can get together with other like-minded professionals with similar desires to create a win/win for all involved. Do multiple topics above appeal to you? Start to work on all of them in one place!

For those looking for CE, we do have an hour of CE credit, in partnering with Oliver Schnusenberg, PhD, CFP® of UNF who will be giving us insights into behavioral finance, which, interestingly, also ties into the Forum topics mentioned above.

So, come on out, see your friends, make some new ones, give yourself the opportunity to further your professional goals, and have some good food, a drink on us, and good CE, too.

Because at FPA, our OneFPA has it all!


Event Agenda

4:30 pm - Registration & Networking Begins
5:00 pm - Program Begins
7:30 pm - Meeting Concludes

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
4:30 PM - 7:30 PM


University of North Florida
Herbert University Center - Board Room
12000 Alumni Dr
Jacksonville   FL   32224
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Oliver Schnusenberg, PhD, CFP®
University of North Florida

Aug 29 2017 5:15PM

Behavioral Biases in Financial Decision Making

Behavioral finance and behavioral economics has begun to challenge the Efficient Markets Hypothesis in recent decades and, in many instances, replaced it. Behavioral biases and heuristics are now widely accepted phenomena that underlie our decision making processes, often resulting in less than optimal decision making by clients and advisors alike.

Among the most pronounced biases are the various applications of Prospect Theory, which shows that individuals can engage in risk-seeking behavior to avoid losses. From a financial planning perspective, this means individuals may take on more risk than they would like. Mental accounting, which states that we deposit funds in different mental “buckets,” defies the notion that wealth is fungible. For example, I may have money set aside for a vacation and, refusing to spend those funds, will borrow to pay off a loan. While mental accounting can easily aid people in putting restraints on their spending behavior, it can also result in sub-optimal borrowing. In addition to these, this lecture will also include a discussion of overconfidence, the disposition effect, representativeness, and other biases which can cloud the decision making process of planners and clients alike.

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