Our chapter volunteers exemplify the heart of financial planning. Generously donating their time for a wide variety of events, activities and philanthropic organizations. See all the opportunities!

FPA Has Multiple Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are very important to the long-term health and viability of our organization and a great place to develop skills and connections that will further your career. So, get involved today.

WI$E Money Week 2016

Wi$e Money Week was created to offer programs, classes and activities to educate consumers of all ages and income levels about ways they can be more financially stable. The week showcases educational resources, strengthens private-public partnerships, engages media and connects people with those who can help them learn more about financial matters.
Learn more by contacting marshall.gallop@gmail.com

Sentinels of Freedom, Homes for Our Troops and Homes on the Home Front

FPA members are invited to be pro bono planners and deliver free “no strings attached” financial planning information and education for our veterans.

Sentinels of Freedom provides pro bono coaching to educate and mentor severely wounded post 9/11 veterans to become skilled at the basics of personal financial management. Each of the veterans have at least a 60% VA disability rating. The overall program provides assistance in education, housing, community mentoring, and employment. The financial education piece is intended to instill proper money management skills which includes budgeting, expense management, and help with debt and credit issues. Jacksonville area veterans are part of the Wounded Warrior Project's "Track Program".
See the veterans in your area who need a Money Coach.

Homes for Our Troops: Building Specially Adapted Homes for Severely Injured Veterans. These severely injured Veterans are receiving mortgage-free specially adapted homes by Homes for Our Troops and we are providing a pro bono planner to work with the Veteran. At the initial visit, we ask that the planner and the Veteran complete a Pro Bono Letter of engagement that will be provided to planner at the time of the connection with the Veteran. The next step would be to then establish a financial plan before the Veteran moves into their new specially adapted home. Check-ins between the planner and their Veteran will occur at the six month, 1 year and 2 year marks (at a minimum) after the Veteran moves into the home.
See the veterans in your area who need assistance.

Homes on the Home Front awards mortgage-free homes to qualified veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Families selected for the program have two years to prove they can handle the responsibilities of homeownership, then are given the home free and clear. As part of that responsibility, the veterans are required to receive financial counseling on money management and financial goal setting in order for them to receive the reward
See the veterans in your area who need assistance.

Neither Sentinels of Freedom nor Homes on the Home Front are intended to be long-term or recurring commitments on the part of volunteers. In most cases, two to three meetings will satisfy the veteran's requirement. Learn more about these programs assisting Veterans by contacting Marshall Gallop at marhsall.gallop@gamilcom

Outreach - ComPsych

ComPsych, a provider of employee assistance programs, works with the FPA to deliver educational seminars to companies nationwide. Want to get in front of local employees? For your chance to make the presentation, contact Marshall Gallop at marshall.gallop@gmail.com

Pro Bono Efforts - FPA of Northeast Florida